Increase E-Commerce Website Traffic


Research done by BigCommerce discovered that there is a 23% growth to the e-commerce industry year after year. They also found that half 5 out of 10 Americans preferred online shopping to going to actual physical retail stores.

We need to look at some important elements first before you could increase traffic to your ecommerce site. Proper website conversion rate and design optimization, while leveraging the accepted tools for sales management and resources will be the first thing we’ll be looking at to boost online sales of your website. A competent ecommerce website designer will focus on the UI/UX of your website to maximize conversion.

Small Business Ecommerce

These basic steps will help drive traffic into conversion and help your e-commerce grow.

A streamlined shopping cart

Your shopping cart must build the shoppers confidence in you, because Trust is the main reason customers will purchse from you.

Consistency and efficiency will spread around.

Build customer trust by being prepared especially for large days with high volumes, by ensuring your item deliveries arrive exactly and by not over-promising and under-delivering.

Interesting product page

Businesses that shine ensure that the heart of their business, their product pages shine.

There are plenty of ways to make your pages for products branded and unique, even as a re-seller:

  • Utilize original, high quality photos of the product
  • Compose your own description for the product
  • Use proper pricing and product information
  • Take advantage of videos
  • Your CTA should be immediate and encouraging
  • Show reviews on you pages for products
  • Display inventory size
  • Social media sharing

Adding social media buttons makes it easy for customers to share their experiences to friends and it encourages the organic sharing of your product pages. Make sure to research what the best social media platform applies to you and your business.

Simple subscription

Offering special offers and incentives is a good way to keep you on top of your customers’ minds. To do that, you need a convenient way for your customers to share their information with you so you can get in touch with them. Show a simple way to sign for subscriptions or updates from you. Be clear about the frequency, and the way you’ll be contacting them and the content they would receive.

Make your messages count by sending useful content like updated blogs, shipping for free new products and advice – content that keeps customers coming back for more.

Best design practices for E-commerce

First impression is the key. The design and look alone is where 94% of consumers root their impressions of a website, which is the key to driving their commitment to purchase.

Lost business and lower revenues are cause by customers leaving a site due to a number of elements

Visual Hierarchy

The way visual communication order and content importance in a site is achieved by following out certain factors such as color, size, shape, contrast, arrangement and positioning to create depth. This is called Visual Hierarchy.

A measurable difference in sales is connected to product placements in your website. Customers get confused due to heavy texted pages, confusing navigation or colors with low contrast which leads to visitors leaving.

Draw your consumer’s attention to products you wish to offer them, by designing your site based on the path their eyes will follow.

CTA Buttons

Your online consumer’s mindset is programmed psychologically to be told what to follow. Customers that don’t receive enough directions get confused are more likely to and leave your site.

Making Call-to-Action buttons as visible and noticeable as possible is important because it shows users how to add items in their carts and where to fill in their information. Do this by adding bright colors and bold texts to grab their attention.

Trust Badges

Trust Badges placed on your website earns your customer’s ease of mind and keeps them from being fearful in entering their credit card details and is also a driving factor to following through to purchase.

This is assurance that their information is secured and protected by well-known security companies. Being ensured of protection will most likely show sales increase.

Making your site more trustworthy can also be achieved by placing proof like:

  • Certifications and licenses
  • Testimonials from customers
  • Content behind the scenes
  • Press Reviews
  • Page to Contact Us

The contact info page is usually visited most on websites. Being assured that they can easily contact businesses for any problems is appreciated by customers. Just make sure that it is easy and simple to find and see.

It is also paramount that your ecommerce business has a policy for returns that is concise, clear and simple at first glance.


Up-sells and Cross-sells

Cross-sell and Up-sell items from your site by recommending products to customers and increase sales easily

Strong Identity

The makeup of your site’s identity visually helps potential customers know more about you and what you do. It includes choices like colors, photos and its quality and even the typography.

Optimization for Ecommerce (CRO)

These are factors that affect conversion and what to consider

Filters for products

Filters are important for ecommerce shops that carry plenty of products. If you carry 20 items or more in a category, consider using filters.

Page for Checkout

Forcing customers to register for them to complete a purchase is a bad idea. Allow guests to checkout, even with the promotion of benefits for signing for an account. Let customers know the stage they’re in the process by implementing progress bars. Rule of thumb: It should be simple and easy to purchase from your site.

Exit pop-ups

These tools are great for optimizing conversion if implemented correctly. Try different images, texts, CTA, anything that works for you.


Tools for Online Sale

Google analytics for Ecommerce tracking (enhanced)

Using Google Analytics gives you important details of visitors like: location geographically, content that’s popular in your page, traffic, etc. but it is not enough to boost your sales online.


Enabling enhanced ecommerce tracking in your site by using Google Analytics optimizes your ecommerce store. This gives you powerful and meaningful reports for your ecommerce store:

Shopper’s behavior: Learn how customers navigate from product views down to checkout

Checking out behavior: Discover how visitors use your checkout processes, and the numbers that abandon the process

Performance of products: Study the statistics of the performance of your products

Google Optimization

Google Optimize is a solution for testing used by businesses that want to experiment on their websites but doesn’t have the needed budget for it.

This is Free. Budget is a big concern for small to medium ecommerce owners, that’s why they don’t perform A/B tests.

UI is familiar. The UI of Google Optimization is familiar with Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics for data. Data in Google Analytics is also used for Google Optimization. This gives you more in-depth reporting and targeting data.


Having an automated reliable marketing tool that’s robust and scalable is required to running your online store. If you’re on the market for one, Infusionsoft is best for your needs.

Infusionsoft offers these to your site:

CRM: Get what you want to learn from your customers and leads. Every purchase and interaction from customers is reported directly to CRM. With this, it is simple for you to create promos and offers for your customers.

Automation of Market: Capture leads and forward personalized messages based on your client’s past interactions like opening emails and clicks, submission of forms and history of payments.

Storefront: Manage your ecommerce store, put up your shopping cart online, check you billing and inventory all from one system. Keep your revenue flowing by making decisions learned from data you collected.


OpteinMonster’s lead generating software is the best around that lets you capture easily your visitor’s emails. It also has a technology called exit intent that captures visitors that are thinking of abandoning their shopping carts into leads


HelpScout eliminates the hassle of managing support tickets and provides a simple and smooth response to query support. It also provides you with your customer’s complete history so you can be able to address their needs and concerns


With the use of the proper tools and a few more tweaks to your website, you’re on your way to not just closing more sales, but providing a more convenient place to shop for your customers