8 Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Coordinator


A lot of engaged couples would tell you that a lot of hard work is needed in turning an amazing wedding vision come true. For most of them, hiring a wedding organizer and planner is a luxury they can never afford. What they don’t know is that planning their wedding on their own can actually cost them more.

Efficient event planning services provide different levels of coordination, so that couples can also decide on the level of involvement they want when it comes to the coordinating, planning and execution process.

1. Day-Of Coordination

This is suitable for couples who want to control all of the planning, but at the same time, need an experienced professional to take care of the tasks.

2. Month-Of Coordination

Through this level of coordination, the groom and the bride will be able to enjoy the twilight of their engagement. The wedding coordinator will be there to finalize and confirm all the last-minute arrangements with the vendors.

3. Full-Service Wedding Coordination

This full-service wedding coordination set up guides the couple throughout the entire wedding planning process. He or she will be with the clients every step of the way, from the budget formation to the vendor selection and research.

Here are several reasons why hiring a wedding coordinator is one of the best decisions an engaged couple will make.

1. It Saves Relationships

It is true that wedding planning can be a stressful and overwhelming situation. Sometimes, it even creates tensions between the couple and their own families. A wedding event planner surely knows how to get through these nerve-racking situations, and can function as a middle person to further prevent conflicts.

2. Organizes all Your Ideas into the Wedding Event of Your Dreams

Enjoying the twilight of your engagement is very important. It is a healthy preparation towards married life. Entrust all of the difficult planning and organization to your wedding coordinator. He or she can take care of all vendor confirmations, reception room diagrams, wedding day timelines and other complicated details.

3. Saves You Lots of Cash

Wedding coordinators can advise their clients regarding the most significant areas to spend their budget. They have experience in analyzing industry and market standards, including price points. Whether you have a big or a small budget, you can definitely rely on them to make the most out of your money.

4. Saves You Plenty of Time

An average wedding requires more than 200 hours to plan and organize. When you hire a wedding coordinator, you will be able to save plenty of time. Since an experienced professional is functioning as the middle man in every transaction and negotiation, then rest assured that everything can run smoothly and efficiently.

5. Wedding Vendors Love Wedding Coordinators

There is a reason why your caterer, DJ, photographer and florist don’t promote their services as “coordination.” Your florist would love to provide beautiful flowers for your special day, however, if you require them to talk to other vendors, you will push them away from their main duty.

6. Gives Valuable Advice

An experienced wedding planner knows a lot about the ins and outs of the industry. If you hire one, you won’t start from zero. They already know popular wedding locations that can accommodate your event size, and other aspects that would definitely work with your budget.

7. Acts on Your Behalf on Your Wedding Day

At last, the special day is here. However, it doesn’t mean that all of the wedding tasks are already done. You will need a wedding coordinator to contact and take care of all your vendors on that big day. Hiring one would be a crucial choice—of course, you would want to relax, socialize and enjoy on your wedding day.

8. They Can Handle All the Wedding Fires

A wedding can go smoothly and emotional, but some unexpected stressful things may turn up at one point in the event. Whether it is a small or big issue, surely, you would want a professional to take care of it while you enjoy your special day.