4 Ways to Make Your Booth Design Standout



So, you fancy walking around the mall and you find that there is a event best management companies happening in the main area. You walk past some of the booths, but there is one booth in particular that grabbed your attention.

Now, the thing about attractive booths is that it is not only due to one reason; it is actually a combination of factors that contribute to the enticement of event-goers. In this article, I will talk about some ways you can make your next booth design standout.

1. Place Your Company or Event’s Name Prominently

I cannot count how many times I’ve seen booths in trade events where I don’t even
know who owns it. They might have products that I want to buy, but I currently do not have the means to, so I want to revisit them in the future.

But, how can I do that if I do not even know the company’s name? It should’ve been more obvious by now, but there are still some event planners that overlook this aspect of their booth.

You want people to know about your brand or the company that you’re serving, that is why you have to make sure that you place the name prominently in front or around your booth so that people will know what it represents.

Make use of readable fonts and make it large enough for a lot of people to see. Again, display it prominently. Be confident about your brand!

2. Place Promotional Materials

People might want to know more about your company so you have to keep it in mind to have the right promotional materials ready.

You could have one or two people wait in front of the booth, ready to answer any person’s questions about your company. You could also place promotional materials like an advert stand just right outside of your booth that is rife with information people need to know about your brand.

By utilizing promotional materials, you can easily attract more customers without having to be too outlandish.

3. Place Your Booth in Strategic Places to Make It More Accessible

In some events, you can decide where you want to put your own booth. Make sure to pick a spot that is not only accessible, but it is near the entrance as well.

There are some people who will only visit the nearest booths from the entrance, that is why putting it near that spot is key. Furthermore, you want to make it accessible to as many people as possible, so you
may want to increase your booth’s size so that you can accommodate as many guests as you can.

4. Give Them Souvenirs

You want to be happy by attracting many guests to your booth, but in turn, you also have to make them happy as well.

To do this, you can give them some souvenirs so that they can easily remember you and your brand. Hand out contact cards so that if they want to contact you for future events, they can easily do so.

Also, hand out some souvenirs such as customized pens, shirt, tote bags, and other goodies. They need not be expensive, but be sure to put your company branding on the items to not make it unique, but to also help attendees remember you.