Social Media

10 Things Restaurant Owners Need to Learn About Social Media Marketing


Social media is more than just a platform for being entertained. With more people using social media to share things about their lives, it has also become a perfect ground for marketing. Almost all types of businesses are already on social media. If you are in the food industry, there are many good reasons why you should be promoting on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. Below are things that can help you in marketing your restaurant on social media networks:

1.Make a profile dedicated to your business.

The most basic task in starting your social media marketing involves creating a social page for your restaurant. If you’ve already created account for Facebook and Instagram, decide where else you want to be active. You could try Twitter and also Pinterest. Those  are the good social media marketing strategy.

2.Monitor keywords in your industry.

There are tools that let you monitor the keywords that are all relevant to your business. You will get a notification when someone mentions your restaurant or your hashtags. Monitoring keywords will not just help you keep track of your reputation online. It also gives you a chance to look for potential customers.

3.Take nice photos and share them on visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

When you are in the food business, it is imperative that you have to come up not just with delicious food. You also have to make sure that it’s visually pleasing.

4.Engage and take part in events in your community.

Beyond social media, your business is still part of your local community. Be supportive of the events in your locality and even come up with your own events that will encourage everyone to join.

5.Look for customers and encourage them to visit your place.

Using social media monitoring tools lets you be connected with people asking for recommendations on where to eat.

6.Organize a contest.

Cannot think of a contest idea? It can be something like asking your followers to caption a photo. The winner will get coupons that can be used when they visit your place.

7.Include emojis in your posts.

These days, using emojis is already part of a successful marketing plan. Domino’s Twitter account, for instance, lets you order from them by simply posting an emoji. This strategy won awards for being creative.

8.Monitor the mentions about your restaurant.

Part of keeping track of your reputation is checking when people mention your name on social media. This allows you to thank people for good reviews or take action when there is a negative feedback.

9.Run ads on Facebook.

Doing your advertisements on Facebook will help you to target the right people. You have a total control if you only choose to promote to the people in your locality.

10.Share your behind-the-scene moments.

Many people will find it interesting to watch what is going at the kitchen. You can do a live streaming to make this more genuine. Doing this makes it more convenient to build relationships with your followers.